3 Tips For Preparing For Your Visit To A Salvage Yard To Find Your Own Car Parts

3 Tips For Preparing For Your Visit To A Salvage Yard To Find Your Own Car Parts

14 December 2017
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If your car is in need of repairs, you may have decided to save money on the required parts by getting them from a salvage yard. If so, use the following tips for preparing for your visit to the yard so you can more easily find and obtain the parts you need.

Call and Check Availability Beforehand

The first thing you should do before you ever leave the house is to call the salvage yard and check to see if they have the parts you need. Because the inventory changes based on what vehicles they take in from other consumers, they may or may not have a car that matches yours.

When you call, have the make and model of your car written down. Also, write down any numbers you find on the part you need. Even if they do not have a car in their yard that matches yours, they may have stripped parts off of one and have them available for purchase.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Once you have verified that the salvage yard has the part you require, gather together any tools you may need to detach it from the vehicle in their inventory, if the part has not already been removed. The tools you need will be the same ones you used to remove the faulty part. 

Along with your tools, you may want to also bring your old part with you, if it is small enough to carry. Doing this will help you verify that you have found the correct part.

Wear the Right Clothing

Even if the parts and vehicles in the salvage yard are kept orderly and neatly, you still want to make sure you dress appropriately. You do not want to accidentally cut your foot or hand while you scavenge around for the part.

Before you go to the yard, put on heavy, long-legged pants and thick-soled boots. Also, wear a long-sleeved shirt or thick jacket to protect your arms while you are removing the part. Lastly, take a pair of work gloves with you to wear while working.

Following the above tips before visiting a salvage yard can help ensure that you are prepared for the task of searching for the right part for your car. If you need more advice or help finding exactly what you need, speak with the representative at the salvage yard either before you leave or when you first arrive.

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