An In-Depth Examination Of The Procedure For Installing Auto Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits

An In-Depth Examination Of The Procedure For Installing Auto Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits

21 September 2023
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The intricacies involved in the installation of auto front disc brake conversion kits are many and varied. It is a procedure that can be undertaken by those with a fundamental understanding of vehicle mechanics. This guide has been prepared to provide a detailed overview of the steps involved in this conversion.

Initial Preparations: Essential Tools and Components

The first stage of the process involves the collection of all necessary tools and components. A comprehensive list should be made, ensuring that all required items are on hand before the commencement of the project. Tools such as a jack, lug wrench, socket set, and brake fluid are essential. The main components of the disc brake conversion kit typically include rotors, calipers, brake pads, and brake lines.

Step One: Disassembly of the Existing Brake System

The existing brake system must be disassembled before the new components can be installed. This is achieved by lifting the vehicle with a jack, removing the wheel, and carefully detaching the drum brake assembly. Safety precautions must be taken during this process to prevent any potential mishaps.

Step Two: Installation of the Rotor and Caliper

The rotor and caliper, the primary components of the disc brake system, are then installed. The rotor is positioned onto the hub, followed by the attachment of the caliper. Precision is required during this step to ensure proper alignment of these components.

Step Three: Placement of the Brake Pads and Connection of the Brake Lines

Following the secure fastening of the rotor and caliper, the brake pads are inserted into the caliper. The brake lines are then connected, completing the physical installation of the disc brake system.

Step Four: Bleeding of the Brake System

Once the components have been installed, the brake system must be bled to remove any air bubbles that may have entered during the installation process. This is accomplished by adding brake fluid to the system and pumping the brake pedal until a firm feel is achieved.

Step Five: Reattachment of the Wheel and Performance Assessment

The final stage involves reattaching the wheel and conducting a thorough assessment of the new brake system's performance. This is done by driving the vehicle slowly and testing the brakes at various speeds to ensure they are functioning properly.

While the successful installation of an auto front disc brake conversion kit can greatly enhance a vehicle's braking performance, it must be noted that this is a complex task requiring meticulous attention to detail. 

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