Is Your Garage Door Grinding And Shaking? What To Know Now

Is Your Garage Door Grinding And Shaking? What To Know Now

23 January 2018
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If your garage door making a grinding noise as it moves up and down the track, along with shaking and wobbling? If so, this may mean that rollers are damaged or that the garage door is misaligned, and you want to get this looked before you have a major problem or injury. Metal components will rust and corrode over time, so it may be time to get your garage repaired. Here are some of the things you want to talk with the garage door professional about. 

Replace All the Rollers

Have all of the rollers replaced, so they all have the same amount of tread, and so you don't have to worry about a future service call for the ones that you didn't replace while the service professional is at your home. It's easy to count the rollers and let the service professional know in advance how many you have that will need to be replaced when they visit the home.

Have the Track Examined

If the track has gotten bent or damaged over time, this may be the cause of the misalignment and grinding. Have the professionals examine the track and let you know if the track should be repaired or replaced. You don't want a damaged track to come down from the ceiling and smash your car, or worse come down on you while you are in the garage with the door open.

Inspect and Tune-Up Cables

Have the professional inspect the system. Inspecting the system will include checking everything mechanical including the following:

  • Cables
  • Opening system motor
  • Gears
  • Emergency pull option
  • Garage door

If the garage door is pulling in a certain area, if the cables are damaged, or if the emergency pull rope is locking, these could be causing some of the complications that you are having.

A garage door opening system, including the track, rollers and all of the components, are items that have to be maintained over time. You want to inspect for any problems that you can see, and let the experts diagnose the problem when they come out to your home to see what is grinding. Don't wait until the rollers break off the track, or until a cable snaps and you can't open your garage door system. Instead, get expert help and call a garage door professional right away, and take preventative action so you don't end up in a bind.

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