Power Boost On A Budget: 4 Options To Give Your Car Power And Improve Performance

Power Boost On A Budget: 4 Options To Give Your Car Power And Improve Performance

5 February 2018
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When your car seems to be limited with the amount of power it produces, you may want to consider some simple improvements first. Several aftermarket upgrades are available for most cars that will allow you to get a little extra boost of power on a budget. If you want to give your car a little extra performance, here are some power boosting upgrades that you can try on a budget:

1. Bolt-on Headers and Exhaust Upgrades for More Horses

The stock exhaust system is limited because usually manufacturers install conventional manifolds. To improve exhaust flow, install aftermarket headers. In addition to headers, there are also bolt-on exhaust kits that will help maximize exhaust flow and improve performance of your car. If you are looking for affordable upgrades that give you more horses, exhaust improvements should be one of the first things you do.

2. Replacing the Stock Air Intake System with Aftermarket Parts

Another area that you will want to upgrade for more power is the air intake system. Replace the stock air intake for an aftermarket system that allows for improved air flow to the engine. This will help to improve fuel and air mixture and help give your engine better performance. Combined with bolt-on exhaust upgrades, replacing stock air intake systems will give you a substantial boost of power.

3. Performance and Fuel Economy with Chips, Spark Plugs and New Wires

You want to ensure you get the best performance out of your car, which is something that tuning chips will ensure. Today, there are a variety of tuning ships and module controllers that can be installed on any make of car to get the best performance. In addition to a new tuning chip, installing high-performance fuel lines, spark plugs, and wires will also help improve engine performance.

4. Upgrading With Performance Brakes And Suspension Parts

The suspension and brakes of cars often get overlooked when doing performance upgrades. First, consider improvements to your brakes, such as installing all disks and replacing brake lines. The suspension can be improved with after market parts like tower struts and tie rods, which will give you a stiffer suspension and improved handling. In addition, make sure that you have a good set of tires when upgrading your brakes and suspension.

These are some power boosting upgrades that you can try for your car on a budget. Contact an hydraulic hose service, such as Williams Oil Filter Service Co., to get brake and fuel lines for the performance upgrades you are doing for your car. 

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