Monitoring The Batteries In Your Boat To Ensure They Are Ready When You Need Them

Monitoring The Batteries In Your Boat To Ensure They Are Ready When You Need Them

9 August 2022
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Boat batteries are vital for any boat that uses an engine and other electronics. If the batteries are not working when you need them, you may find yourself unable to start your engine or contact anyone for help when you need it. Continue reading to learn about the different types of boat batteries.

Engine Starting Batteries

When it is time to fire up the engine in your boat, you need a fully charged battery to spin the engine over and provide the necessary spark to the ignition system. Once the engine starts, the alternator or generator can take over and give the power the engine needs to operate, but without a fully charged battery, you could be dead in the water.

When your boat is at the dock or out of the water, it is vital to maintain the marine batteries on board. Proper care and maintenance will ensure they are always charged and in good working order. On larger boats, a battery conditioner that automatically charges and discharges the batteries when the shoreline is connected can ensure they stay at optimal charge levels and are ready when needed. 

If the boat is out of the water and not in use, take the batteries out and place them in a warm, dry place, then connect a battery charger with the maintenance feature to the batteries. The charger will condition the batteries by maintaining the charge and occasionally discharging and recharging them to ensure they remain healthy.

Deep Cell Batteries

When dealing with marine batteries, there are several types used in larger boats for different jobs. The engine starting batteries work the same way a car battery does. Deep cycle marine batteries can store electricity and power things like LED lights, radios, and navigation equipment on board when the engine is not running. These batteries are designed to be charged and discharged many times over their lifetime, and the performance can actually improve by cycling the batteries completely from time to time.

The deep cell batteries can charge off the main engine alternator, a secondary charging system, or alternative systems like wind and solar generators on board. If the boat is at the dock and connected to a shoreline, these batteries are also charging. It is critical that you do not overcharge them. The boat should have a charge controller in the system to help ensure that does not happen, but check the state of charge occasionally to ensure everything is working correctly.

The deep cell marine batteries used for onboard accessories do not have the amperage for starting the boat's engine. However, when they are maintained correctly, deep cycle marine batteries will power critical systems long enough to get rescue to you if your boat is broken down.  These batteries also allow you to spend days away from the dock in remote locations without worrying about having power for the things you need while underway.  

To learn more about boat batteries, contact a marine auto parts shop near you.

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