Creating Your Custom Headlight

Creating Your Custom Headlight

25 January 2018
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When you add headlights to a car, you're somewhat limited by the space allowed in the frame design. The lights will have to have the right shape and size to fit in that allotted area. However, you have much more control over the other features of the headlights. You can choose your own bulbs and other parts to give your car the nighttime light that makes driving most enjoyable to you. You've got several options, but they typically boil down to just a few main variations for each feature.

Bulb Type

Most important is the bulb type. Halogen is pretty easy to replace and easy to afford, but it also uses a lot of energy and generates heat, something that can be hard on the car on a hot summer night when temperatures aren't cooling down. LED bulbs are much cooler and last longer, with a lower power draw. LEDs are more expensive up front, but their long lifespans make the cost worth it to many drivers. Note that LED lights shine a cool white, which is that bright bluish light that you see on some cars. For drivers concerned about seeing a wider swath of road, HID xenon lights may be best.

Light Bars

SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles that can go off-road may benefit from light bars. These are available for both the rear lights and the front of the car -- those spotlights you see on many sport vehicles -- but they can be restricted in certain locations, including in terms of size, number of lights, and where you use them within your city or county. They can also be very, very bright, which is great if you're racing through the desert, but not so great if you're racing around your neighborhood and shining too much light on homes where people are trying to sleep.

Separate Lights

Another option has to do with the daytime running lights that are so common on car models now. Most cars use the headlights for both the daytime running lights and headlights (the difference is that, when you turn on the headlights, you also turn on the taillights). If you want, you can see if you can have the engine connections rewired to use separate bulbs. That helps conserve the main headlight bulbs over time.

Take your time in choosing what you want. These are custom headlights for your car, and you should get the ones that make you feel most comfortable.

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