Choosing The Right Battery For Your ATV

Choosing The Right Battery For Your ATV

10 June 2021
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ATV batteries are an essential part of the electric system on your ATV. The battery in the ATV provides power to the ignition system so that it can send spark to the spark plugs to start the engine, and on ATVs with electric starters, it powers the starter motor to rotate the engine until it starts. 

Battery Rating

The battery for your ATV needs to provide the right amount of power to the electrical system, so it is critical that you get one that has the proper voltage and correct cranking amps. The battery may be a six or twelve-volt battery depending on the electrical system, and the amperage requires can vary from one ATV to another.

If you are not sure which battery is correct for your ATV, you can visit an ATV battery supplier, and they can help you determine which battery fits correctly. Often there are several options that will fit your ATV, so bring the old battery with you, or take a picture of the connections so that you can verify which side the connections are on. This is important to ensure the battery cables will reach the battery posts and not be strained once they are connected. 

Auto Parts Stores

ATV batteries are often found for sale at local auto parts stores, and if you know the model number of the battery that you need, you can look at the options they offer. If you are going to purchase a battery from an auto parts store that has a different brand of ATV batteries than the one you are using, it is a good idea to cross-reference the model numbers in the fitment guide provided at the store to be sure it is going to work correctly. 

Sometimes the battery connections are reversed, or the vent tube is in a different place on ATV batteries that should be the same. The manufacturer may offer two different configurations for the same part numbers, so be sure to check. The part number may have an additional letter on the end to indicate the difference between the models, so check the fitment guide carefully. 

Battery Warranties

Many ATV batteries will have a warranty included when you purchase them. Often higher-priced batteries will carry longer warranties on them, but check with the ATV battery supplier to determine which batteries have the best warranty for your needs. A warranty may not seem important, but if the battery is damaged while riding your ATV, you may get the battery replaced free or for a significantly reduce price under the warranty. 

For more information about ATV batteries, contact a local supplier, like Battery XChange.

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